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The big crash Scott Dixon had in the Indy 500 this year may have been a sign for the teams and drivers racing in the Indycar Series. You're getting pounded; and for what?

The series itself is crashing. As a series it is almost dead in the water as far as TV ratings and public attention. Attendance is down again for the Month of May. Even removing seats isn't helping make IMS look full.

They no longer sell out a day after the race is over. The rest of the events of the month are almost a joke as it probably costs more to keep the place open compared to the income they receive.

And once the not-so- big-anymore 500 is over, the series almost disappears in the summer heat. There is no interest gain from the big race. After the Indy 500 only the die-hards know there are other races and even they lose interest. It's all about Indy.

So why do the drivers and teams put up with it? The drivers take unnecessary risks and the teams struggle to find sponsorship and both are hurt financially? It used to be for the glory of putting the driver's and team name in history? How many Americans know who won the Indy 500 the day after? Even less known is the series champion.

Think about it, we are right back to asking the same questions Dan Gurney asked when he wrote the White Paper. Gurney knew then what the drivers and team owners should know now; you are a servant to the people that use you for profit. Why are you taking the pounding?
A Tribute to Cam Gibbons

The Aussie Race Fan of American Openwheel Racing...would tell you what he liked and what he didn’t in that very special Aussie way.

This forum is dedicated to the memory of Cameron “Smacked” Gibbons. Cam, who went by the forum handle “Smacked” and had the Clash/Joe Strummer album cover avatar was one of the originators of a racing forum named SMACKForum that was opened for business back in 2007.

Cam unfortunately had a life fight with cancer that sadly took him from us late in 2011. Since the original SMACKforum was controlled by Cam there was no way to gain control of the forum site and web addressing.

Early this year, a group of SMACKforum members decided to start up another forum based on some of the same sensibilities that made “Cam’s place” home for many a disgruntled American Open Wheel racing fan. It was only natural that the new forum be named in some way for Cam, so why not make SMACKforum SMACKEDforum to keep both a lineage and a nod to Cam’s nickname of Smacked.

Cam this place is for you! And, we know you would tell all us to go fuck ourselves...some more than others. We miss you!

Read some more about Cam Gibbons, written by two SMACKEDforum
members who knew him well.
The Sordid History of SMACKforum
The Sordid History of SMACKforum