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2018 Month of May Hate-a-thon
2018 Month of May Heading

You would be lying to yourself if you thought the Indianapolis 500 and Month of May has the same stature as it did at the beginning of the 90s. All you need to do is look at the simple facts. The race used to be an automatic sell out days after a 500 was over for another year. That is no longer the case.

May at Indy was so big, the first day of qualifying was almost a sell out too as many fans loved the pure excitement of qualifying. It also provided many a new fan a chance to get into IMS to get a feel for the track and event. The other three qualifying days were similar in popularity with “Bump Day” often equaling the first day crowd. The whole month was that special.

Another indicator is the lack of national media coverage compared to the past. It was so big many newspapers and TV networks had special content just for The Month of May.

Look at the image in the front page graphic; notice all the empty seats at the start of last year’s race. That was unheard of in the past. Sure they got a decent crowd for the nostalgia of the 100th running, but it has gone down again every year since. And, seats have been removed further reducing crowd size.

It is understood that it still draws a decent crowd. But is it a race crowd or an event crowd? I think that can be answered by how much it really has fallen in the eyes of true auto racing fans. It is not the teams and drivers fault, they can only provide so much with spec racing cars.

Let’s be realistic, the race is not what it used to be and it is doubtful if it will ever be again.

A Tribute to Cam Gibbons

The Aussie Race Fan of American Openwheel Racing...would tell you what he liked and what he didn’t in that very special Aussie way.

This forum is dedicated to the memory of Cameron “Smacked” Gibbons. Cam, who went by the forum handle “Smacked” and had the Clash/Joe Strummer album cover avatar was one of the originators of a racing forum named SMACKForum that was opened for business back in 2007.

Cam unfortunately had a life fight with cancer that sadly took him from us late in 2011. Since the original SMACKforum was controlled by Cam there was no way to gain control of the forum site and web addressing.

Early this year, a group of SMACKforum members decided to start up another forum based on some of the same sensibilities that made “Cam’s place” home for many a disgruntled American Open Wheel racing fan. It was only natural that the new forum be named in some way for Cam, so why not make SMACKforum SMACKEDforum to keep both a lineage and a nod to Cam’s nickname of Smacked.

Cam this place is for you! And, we know you would tell all us to go fuck ourselves...some more than others. We miss you!

Read some more about Cam Gibbons, written by two SMACKEDforum
members who knew him well.
The Sordid History of SMACKforum
The Sordid History of SMACKforum